Take Charge Programme

Building Stronger Parent-Child Bonds

Our Take Charge Programme is designed for parents facing challenges with a child who has additional needs and parents that long for a harmonious family life filled with understanding, connection and growth.

Over 6 weeks, our team will support you with mentoring and counselling aimed at strengthening relationships and embracing Choice Theory and Reality Therapy.

And, the best news is – it’s FREE!

What Can You Expect?

We offer a range of mentoring and counselling activities to support parents of children with SEND to reduce conflict within their families and achieve a more harmonious family life.

Expert Advice

Tailored advice on topics like ‘Know Your Rights’, Choice Theory, and Reality Therapy

Interactive Activities

Engage in coffee mornings and insightful ‘Take Charge’ sessions

Personalised Support

1:1 and group mentoring sessions to strengthen family connections

Valuable Resources

Access to YouTube videos, online workbooks, handouts and mentoring tools

Ready to Transform Your Family Life?

Apply for ourTake Charge programme and take the first step to get your family life back on track.

Suk Bahra

Project Manager

Empowering Futures: Our Vision

At Take Charge, our vision is to build bridges of understanding between parents and their children, providing tools and strategies to foster positive change.

A Structured Approach

6 weeks of holistic group and 1:1 activities.

We’ll explore 6 vital components:

  • mental model shifts
  • basic needs fulfilment
  • cultivating positive habits
  • perception understanding
  • behavioural insights
  • consistent evaluation

Our Commitment

The Write Time is committed to understanding the unique challenges faced by parents with SEND children, especially those from lower-income families, those facing unemployment, or those at risk. With a special focus on families from ethnic minority backgrounds or with mental health conditions, we leverage our intimate understanding through our SEND school provision, where 60% of our students have diagnosed or undiagnosed mental health conditions.

We’re more than just a programme. We want to enhance the quality of life for families with SEND children.

Programme Origins

Endorsed by the principles of psychotherapist William Glasser’s Choice Theory and Reality Therapy, Take Charge, initially designed for practitioners, is now reshaped to empower parents. With its core rooted in practicality and effectiveness, it’s now our mission to showcase its nationwide potential.

Extending Our Reach

The William Glasser Institute UK will evaluate our programme independently. This independent evaluation is of paramount significance. By partnering with an esteemed organisation like the William Glasser Institute UK, we’re ensuring that our programme not only meets but exceeds the highest standards in the field. Such an external evaluation demonstrates our commitment to transparency, excellence, and continuous improvement. We’re gearing up to expand, with potential funding avenues opening up for broader outreach. With this robust validation, we can confidently provide parents and educators with tools that have been tried, tested, and endorsed by industry experts.

We pride ourselves on our vast network, including 28 partners across South London and nine SEN teams, ensuring a comprehensive and collaborative approach to success.

Meet The Team Behind ‘Take Charge’

At the heart of the Take Charge Programme is a dedicated team of experts, all united by one mission: to foster stronger parent-child relationships for those with SEND. Our professionals come from diverse backgrounds in psychotherapy, special educational needs and counselling, ensuring a holistic approach tailored for every participant. By bringing together a team of this calibre, we’re not just offering a programme but a transformative experience.

Suk Bahra

Take Charge Project Manager
With over a decade in managing educational initiatives, Suk believes in empowering parents to become their child’s best advocates.

Lana Philippson

SEND Specialist
Lana’s vast experience working directly with SEND children offers participants a real-world perspective and actionable strategies.


“After joining the ‘Take Charge Programme’, I’ve found a renewed sense of understanding and connection with my child. It’s transformed our daily lives, and I can’t thank the team enough.”

Sonja, Mum of two
“Going through the programme with my mum made us closer. Now, she understands me better, and we have loads of fun together. I feel happier and safer at home. Thank you, Take Charge!”

Jamie, 12

Key Results


Parents positively impacted


Successfully completed the programme


Intensive parent sessions


Beneficial child sessions


Minimum number of mentoring hours

Frequently Asked Questions

Have Questions?
We’ve got answers!

Absolutely! The Take Charge Programme is designed with flexibility in mind. Over the 6-week period, parents and families can pick and choose from a diverse range of activities and counselling sessions to best suit their needs and schedules. We believe in personalising the experience to ensure every participant gains the most value and benefits from our offerings.

Great news! The Take Charge Programme is completely free for participants. We believe in providing essential support to parents and families without financial barriers, ensuring every eligible family can benefit from our resources and expertise.

Everyone can benefit from our teachings, however, this programme is designed for parents and carers of SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) children, especially those from lower income families, facing unemployment, or at risk of unemployment. We also focus on families from ethnic minority backgrounds or those dealing with mental health conditions.

Take Charge is grounded in the principles of William Glasser’s Choice Theory and Reality Therapy. While initially designed for practitioners, it has been reshaped for parents, aiming for nationwide impact. Furthermore, our intimate understanding, via our SEND school provision, enables us to offer specialised support tailored for our participants.

After completing the programme, parents and carers will receive certificates and have continued access to group events, tailored support and professional counselling. We also provide a comprehensive handbook outlining their legal rights and offer review sessions with our in-house SEN specialist to ensure long-term support for every family.

Ready to Make a Change?

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