Mentoring in Education

Support through Coaching

Our Mentoring Programme has been hugely successful. We work with young people in Primary and Secondary schools, Pupil Referral Units and other Alternative Provisions.

We partner with schools to keep young people engaged in education through one-to-one support sessions and group work.

All children should be given an opportunity to speak to a professional who is not linked to their school. This encourages a level of openness and has no place for bias.

Primary Schools

We mentor children in Primary Schools to transition into Secondary School. Our Mentors are life-long learners who help children develop their confidence, self-esteem, and self-expression in positive ways. Through mentoring sessions, expression sessions, one-to-one confidence building activities and daily self-affirmations, students can control negative feelings and strive for academic and personal excellence.

Secondary Schools

Some students find it difficult to settle in Secondary schools because of the different environment, new curriculum and unfamiliar staff and classmates. We support children navigate the learning, structure, and general environment of secondary education. Through mentoring, children are able to gain qualifications, further their education or get employed.

Alternative Provision & PRU

We provide full time alternative provision for pupils who have been excluded from mainstream schools or referred from Pupil Referral Units across South London, including Croydon, Lewisham, Merton, Sutton, and Wandsworth to educate learners as a long-term, permanent educational environment. We work with the Aspire Higher mentoring program to promote education and employment amongst our learners over an 18-month period. 


Chef & Mentor

“We have lovely conversations and build relationships”

– Ray

How it all works

Induction – meet your mentor
Mentoring programmes
Group activities to discuss next steps
Gain Qualifications and Training

I’m now more confident and positive

I was lacking in self confidence and found it difficult to deal with new situations. I totally enjoyed meeting Sherena every week and the support I’ve received is tremendous. I’ve built a good rapport with
her which has contributed to positive changes in my life. I learned that it’s okay to be different and appreciate I am different.
Sophie – Learner

Today Luke is a role model

My first memory of Luke, in class, is that he wanted to sit with his sunglasses on with his hood up. This signified that he was not prepared to lower his barriers and be sociable. Using the Glasser theory of quality words we found that Luke had a passion for music and boxing. 

Luke is now one of our success stories and achieved ‘Student of the Term’. He comes into school with his head held high, greets every member of staff and his peers before sitting down. Luke is a role model to the other students in the way he conducts himself.
Luke’s Mentor – AJ

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