Lataanya on the Take Charge Programme

Lataanya’s Journey: A Beacon of Success in the Take Charge Programme

We are delighted to share the heartwarming success story of Latanya, a participant in our Take Charge Programme. Lataanya’s journey through the six-week initiative dedicated to promoting family harmony for parents with young people who have special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) is nothing short of inspiring.

Lataanya, a newcomer to courses and support groups, first heard about the programme through her colleague, Louise. With conflicts arising within her household, particularly concerning her SEN child, Lataanya joined the programme with no specific expectations but an open heart.

As she delved into the Take Charge sessions, Lataanya found herself pleasantly surprised by the introspection involved in the topics discussed. Engaging actively in various activities, coffee mornings, and mentoring sessions, she discovered a welcoming community that provided support and understanding. Lataanya not only values the opportunity to participate but also actively supports other parents who are new to the programme.

By recognising triggers, needs, and wants behind actions, Lataanya gained valuable insights into addressing minor frustrations that could affect relationships. This newfound awareness allowed her to navigate conflicts more effectively, fostering a positive environment within her household.

Through the programme, Lataanya achieved significant personal growth. She gained insights into herself, her children, and her husband. Learning to reframe her behaviour in various situations, Lataanya initiated discussions with her family, encouraging reflection on their needs and behaviour. The positive impact was profound, with her family experiencing improved relationships and communication, not only during moments of conflict but also as a preventative measure.

The dynamics between Lataanya’s husband and son, often strained by arguments, underwent a positive transformation due to increased awareness and better communication. Notably, her son, who previously faced conflicts related to attempts to control and influence others, benefited greatly from Choice Theory insights, leading to a re-evaluation of his actions.

Lataanya’s success extended beyond her personal life; her communication and relationships at work improved substantially, aligning her with her business partner, Ellen. Not content to keep these positive changes to herself, Lataanya actively refers other parents to the programme, believing it offers valuable benefits to anyone facing similar challenges.

Lataanya’s story is a shining example of the transformative power of the Take Charge Programme. We are proud to witness such positive outcomes and look forward to continuing our mission of empowering parents with essential relationship management skills, fostering positive family dynamics, and promoting open communication. Congratulations, Lataanya, on your remarkable journey!

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