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Case Study


A positive shift in his attitude to learning

Javharni’s social skills have clearly improved and he is able to hold interactions for a longer period of time. He appears to be finding a positive purpose for himself and the support he has received has contributed to that. He has been able to build positive relationships with staff members which, in turn, has instilled confidence in his potential and learning. TWT School staff have been able to get to know Jahvarni well and support him when he is struggling rather than exclude him.

Lauren – Jahvarni
‘s social worker

I’m really impressed with the support he gets at TWT

Jahvarni was excluded 30 times in one year before joining TWT. Since starting at TWT, I have seen a very big change in his behaviour. I feel you have given him a space where he feels wanted and is working with staff that believe in him and saw his potential from the start.

I am so happy and really impressed with the support he gets at TWT. He is a completely different child and is in a much happier place in himself. He is now thinking about the future.

Jahvarni’s Mum

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