Gaming in ICT – the journey starts

Throughout this academic year, our pupils have shown a growing passion and interest for gaming – like most people of their generation. The gaming industry has been growing exponentially over the past few years and is extremely complex and interesting from many points of view. Therefore, it offers a great opportunity for learning and development, which may, one day, become a career for some of our students.

During the Spring term, our ICT room was transformed into a state-of-the-art gaming room with complete gaming keyboards and mouses, gaming mats, gaming headphones and lighting.

This was in preparation for our Nurture and KS3 pupils starting their gaming certificate in anticipation of the full award in September 2023.

Every pupil who has started the certificate qualification has worked hard during the past two half terms to understand what goes into making an animated game. This could be from the start of a drawing. They learnt the importance of brainstorming ideas to know what the story of the game will be and that, consequently, a script will be needed to be written.

During the gaming lessons, the pupils discovered what components go into a computer, from the internal fan all the way to knowing what graphics and sound cards are needed to ensure the computer works.

Importantly, we want our pupils to have the tools and knowledge to keep safe when they are online and gaming. For this reason, during this term, a critical part of our children’s learning plan focused on online safety and how to be safe when online as well as what to do when they don’t feel safe.

Overall, it’s a new beginning for ICT and Gaming at TWT and we look forward to seeing what the future brings for us and the pupils.

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