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We offer a range of courses and workshops to support young people, parents and adults to achieve qualifications and get into work through our employment & training programmes.

We also offer CV writing and interview techniques to boost confidence when applying for jobs and to succeed in interviews.

How We Support You


Edexcel Functional Skills English

Entry Level 1 – Level 2 (GCSE Equivalent)
For learners who have not achieved a qualification in English.

Edexcel Functional Skills Maths

Entry Level 1 – Level 2 (GCSE Equivalent)
For learners who have not achieved a qualification in Maths.

Digital Skills

This is an NCFE Qualification, students who complete this qualification, achieve a Level 1 Certificate in Digital Skills as well as further develop their basic IT skill.

Entry Level 3 Employability Skills

This is an NCFE Qualification which further develops the necessary employability skills to enable learners to prepare for their working life.

ESOL Classes

For those who need to improve fluency in English.


CV Writing

As part of their Employability Skills course, learners receive support to write their CV

Job Search

Learners receive targeted support to identify the different employment opportunities available within their chosen field and to apply for jobs, complete application forms and write personal statements.

Job search support

A targeted support to guide learners on the different employment options available in their chosen field

Mock Interviews

Learners take part in mock interviews conducted by professionals to improve their interview techniques as well as boost their confidence.

Case Study


Chastity achieved a Level 1 Award in Employability skills through our employment & training programme. She gained a wider understanding of mindset and the qualities attractive to employers. She’s been working on her CV and applying changes to increase her chances of employment. Chastity also achieved a Level 2 in FS English. In addition to this, having a regular routine of learning, supported Chastity with her focus during lessons and punctuality.
What activities did Chastity undertake and how did it help her achieve her goals?

Chastity has undertaken regular interviewing technique support which has helped her gain confidence and learn how to research and attain vital information, which may be asked during interviews. Chastity has also engaged in regular mentoring sessions where self-esteem, self-love and confidence has been our focused topics. Chastity has used writing as a method to release and explore her thoughts and emotions. There has been a complete change in Chastity’s attitude towards learning, she attends every lesson and completes all assigned home learning tasks to the best of her ability. Chastity has found the confidence and will to speak up when she is finding work difficult. 

What activities did Chastity undertake to build her confidence?
Chastity is working towards achieving a Level 2 qualification in Maths. She is interested in working within the administration field and The Write Time will be supporting her with this progression path.

Chastity has already achieved many of her goals and gained two qualifications.  

Chastity has found the mentoring support and Employability skills the most beneficial part of her time at TWT. Chastity has highlighted the time and attention she receives from her current Maths and English teachers has been amazing, which has helped her become more focused in lessons. 

The increased confidence and motivation to learning in Chastity is refreshing to see. The barriers she faced in learning have slowly decreased and she has gained the ability to express herself during lessons.
Outcomes for Chastity

Chastity has benefited from weekly job search sessions. She has found our Employability Workbook helpful, as she is able to have an electronic and paper version, which allows her to copy and paste relevant information into job applications and update as when needed.  
What skills did Chastity learn to help her personally and in looking for employment or further learning?

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Project Manager


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