How the Employability Programme supported me – Frishta’s journey

Frishta joined the Employability programme about 8 months ago after meeting Suk Bahra, her mentor and the project manager of the Employability programme, at a school pick-up.

At the time, the teaching course she was attending was coming to an end and she did not know what steps to take next. After moving to the UK from Afghanistan, in one year she lost her home, her husband and her dad. She found herself alone with her children so, with the responsibility of being the sole provider for her family, she had to find a job.

However, Frishta had never worked before and did not know how to approach the world of work. “I did not know how much there is to do. I did not know how to write a CV, or about the DBS checks. I did not know anything, how to apply, how to go about it or how to email people” she explains.

What is TWT Employability Programme?

How has the Employability Programme helped?

The short answer is she is doing great. She is working at a SEN school and has just celebrated 6 months in her job. “Without Suk and all the team, I could not be where I am now,” she tells.

After evaluating with her the best path for her to reconcile work and childcare, the team guided her step by step through the mountain of paperwork and certifications required but also worked with her to prepare her for the interviews.

“They are always here to help me. They showed me how to write a cv, how to apply…everything.” “Every time I am stuck I call them and they always have a moment, they always answer and help me”.

Overall, Frishta is now more independent and has the experience and confidence to develop her career. She would love to keep in touch and be involved in any upcoming projects of the business.

Next steps

She is now exploring the opportunity to find a job at the mainstream school where her children go.

Throughout the interview, she repeats how grateful she is to all the team that supported her in all big and small things, with practical advice as well as emotional support. “You helped me, you helped my family, you helped my children.” “Thank you is a very small word to describe what you have done for me”.

Suk, her mentor, says of her that Frishta has been absolutely amazing “She is positive, motivated, and he has overcome so much on a personal level. It has just been a pleasure to work with her. We are very proud and wish her all the success”. Watch the interview to hear about her experience and the programme!

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