Animation course 2022 – exploring talents and developing new employable skills

Over the past few weeks, our students had the opportunity to explore the world of storytelling and animation through our Animation course.

The programme was set up to enable students to experiment with animation and learn some new skills. Andrew Cleminson and Max Mason put on a series of workshops using high-quality tools and techniques to support students in creating stories using animation, photography, music and sound.

Each student had the opportunity to create stories using moving images. Some of these focused on drawing, others on the use of props. Images were combined to make them move and tell a story. One of the pupils, Traishawn, also provided voiceovers to support the storytelling!

The students engaged in their own ways from drawing to photography to sound and music. It was important to offer a diverse set of experiences so that each student could learn and work in their own way.

The attending students received a certificate for successful completion of the animation course. These were signed by TWT Head Kevan and Max Mason, who led course delivery.

Check out the gallery to see the videos they produced! Do you see the next Steven Spielberg among their works?

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