About Us

Mission Statement

The Write Time’s mission is to help people. We believe that by providing the best quality support, training and education, people can thrive.

Through our education programmes and outreach activities our team works tirelessly each day to contribute their part to achieve this goal.

Our Approach


Young people will receive fortnightly intensive 1:1 mentoring for 1 year whilst in mainstream education. Each person will receive a continuous source of guidance and support throughout their time on the programme. In addition to mentoring we offer other support for young people which may include group work such as Drug Awareness, Gang Prevention, Healthy Living, Careers Advice and Personal Development.

Individual Learning Plan

Our subjects, qualifications, and skills development education programmes are carefully selected and tailored to meet Special Educational Needs, as well as being designed to support, develop, and intrigue our students.

Choice Theory

At TWT, we’ve built our culture around Choice Theory to help our young people understand the choices that they make on a daily basis.

We provide an empowering method of counselling/problem solving based on Choice Theory, which is aimed at helping people gain more effective control over their lives. The theoretical base comes from “internal control” psychologies – ones that see behaviour as motivated from within rather than by external forces.


Case Study

In 2011 I was diagnosed with a mental health condition called EUPD (Emotional Unstable Personality Disorder). I had tried to obtain work experience, however, due to my complex needs, did not have any luck. My confidence and self esteem was very low.

The Write Time has allowed me to grow as a teacher and use my skills to help others. My background is Law and Business Studies. I graduated in 2007.

I have now completed Teacher and Assessors courses which enables me to support learners reach personal goals. I have also completed the IAG course which enables me to support learners.

I hope to become a volunteer and continue to help those within my local community.

The staff at The Write Time are amazing people who have supported me to become a confident person.

They actively listen, are professional, organised and tactful in their approach. I am looking forward to continually volunteering at The Write Time to set and achieve goals.

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